High Page Rank edu Blog Site Comment List

We know the value of high page rank blog site comment.In my personal need i make a High Page Rank edu blog site Comment List.I think it will be helpful to you and don't waste your time to search High PR Rank edu blog site Comment List. edu backlink help to get your site Page Rank very quickly. So just download those  edu site link from below download link :
High Page Rank,edu Blog Site,Comment List
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How to Create Popup Window for Blogger | Popup Ads Code

Dear Today I share an awesome tips for blogger or newbie who want to create popup window or ads code for your blogger blogs.It is a so much important for blogger because you can increasing visitors from one blog to another blog besides increasing your earning and page view.
How to Create,Popup Window,Blogger,Popup Ads Code

How to create a popup window for Blogger:

It a very simple you can easily do this task. Just follow the below instruction.
01. Login and go to your blogger dashboard.
02. Click on layout menu of blogger.
03. Take a HTML/JavaScript gadget.
04. Copy the below script or code from below and paste HTML/JavaScript content area and save it.
Now reload your blog site and enjoy it.


<script type="text/JavaScript">
document.body.onclick= function(){', 'poppage', 'toolbars=0, scrollbars=1, location=0, statusbars=0, menubars=0, resizable=1, width=950, height=650, left = 300, top = 50');

You have too little change this above code just Replace red color my blog URL and put here you expected blog or website URL.

Thanks everybody, have a nice day. If you face problems drop your comment below comment box.

How to get Free .COM Domain

Do you want to Free .COM Domain.No problem today i bring a tips.Just doing small task you can get a full free .COM Domain.That means it save your 10$ dollar for buying a domain.
How to,get Free,.COM Domain

How to get Free .COM Domain:

02.And Create a free account.when you create free account you automatically get 10 point bonus.but you have to collect 40 point to take Free .COM Domain.
03. just promoto your referal link to your friends who are interest to get free domain.
04.If you can't do that just create 15 Email account & create 15 account by your referral link.
05.All most done.Now you can enjoy Free .COM Domain.
Thanks every one.. 

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How to Make Money by Uploading Files/Sharing Files

There are lot of ways to make money online.Make money by Uploading Files/Sharing Files is the one of them.Today i discuss about a wonderful site.Here you can earn handsome money per month if you work trick fully .
How to,Make Money,Uploading Files,Sharing Files

You can earn now more over 50 USD dollar per successful 1000 downloads and they give payout every country monthly on 20th.

Choose Your Business Plan:
How to,Make Money,Uploading Files,Sharing Files
Click This Image & open a new tab  for Full Size Preview
How it Works:
1. You get points for complete downloads and non-complete downloads of any file.
2. When you reach 30$ you can request to payout that means minimum payout is 30$.
3. Payments Processor:
Bank Transaction

4. Payments give issue on the 20th of every Month. 
So set your plan which file you upload video,songs,software,apps,books etc and enjoy make money.. Review is the Bangladeshi online Ad publisher company.Who are not still run after for Google Adsense but  don't get approved.It is the awesome opportunities for Bangladeshi people earn from Bangladeshi online Ad publisher company,Review,logo
Most of the Bangladeshi blogger are face problem to get paid from another ads publisher company because most of them give payout by paypal.If they earn but it is too hard to get paid.because paypal are not supported by BD.

Feature of
01.Minimum Click rate 1tk.
02.Minimum payout 1000tk.
03.Payment by Bkash and DBBL.(1000Tk Only)
04.It have not hard trem & Condition like as adsense.
05.Easy to approved.
06.Clean Ad Code & many more.

So if you have not account in here.Now create your account from below banner.

Enjoy happy Blogging..

Best "Android Apps" Related Responsive Blogger Template

Now a day Android Apps is popular topics to blogger so many blogger are fail to find out expected blogger template on Android Apps.Today i share with you new awesome responsive blogger template on android apps.

Feature of this Template:
01.Nice & responsive design.
02.Auto design label & popular post widget .
03. SEO Friendly.
04.Design related to android apps or phone.
05.Dynamic slider. etc

in the below i share the picture of this template and download link so download and upload your blogger in template option & enjoy your android blogging.
Best,Android Apps,Related,Responsive,Blogger,Template

How to Free Calling Android to Android Mobile Phone

Free Calling Android to Android Mobile Phone

free calling,android to android,mobile phone 
Now a day’s user Android mobile phone is increasing day by day. Few days ago I get apps from my friend. It’s awesome. First my friends told me that he calling free android but I didn't believe that he send me a apps on my mobile phone by which now I can make free call one android to another android mobile phone. So today i share this app now.

Process to Free Calling Android to Android Mobile Phone:

01. First Download this app BlueFi Phone 2.1.1.
02. Now install this app in your mobile and give this app to your friends for install that apps to her android phone.
03. Now power on Bluetooth & your friends Bluetooth and paring your device with your friend’s mobile phone by this app.
04. Finally get your friends device and you can make Free Unlimited call to your friends in Bluetooth range area.
05. I thinks that is enough because when your install this software you can easily understand.
N.B: you can make call by Bluetooth & Wi-Fi (Range Area)

Enjoy Free Calling if anyone face problems just comment below:

How to Find out Hidden Email ID (Facebook) of your Friends

Find out Hidden Email ID of your Friends

Email id is needed when we want to create Facebook Id  but we hide this email for various reason.So when we want to see my friends email id most of the time we are unable to see that. for that reason or recover this problem today i share a tricks that easily find out your friends Facebook hidden email ID.
Find out,Hidden,Email ID,your Friends

Process to Find out Hidden Email ID of Facebook Friends:

01. At first you need a yahoo account.
02. Now link your Facebook id with yahoo account.
03. Never log out your Facebook account & open a new tab- enter your yahoo account giving email & password.
04. After that go to the contacts tab & now click on import contacts and click on Facebook icon.
05. Here a new pop up windows appear "Do you want to share your contacts with yahoo?" now click on ok button.
06. Your work is almost done just click on "view imported contacts"
07. Now see your Facebook friends Hidden email id.

Thanks every one...

How to Redirect Traffic/Visitors From Old Blog to New Blog

How to,Redirect Traffic,Visitors,from,old blog,to new Blog,website

Dear Friends Some time we create blog that are not so much important to you but lot of traffic/visitors come to your old blogs.So that i share a small tips that help you to drive visitor old blog to your new blog or website.Many blogger share such types of tips but most are not to much work full or don't working .Now i discuss this topic below & share a 100% working tips.

Process of how to redirect traffic From old blog to new blog:

01.Go to your old blogger dashboard.
02.Click on Template > > HTML.
03.Add this below code just after the <head> Section.
     <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url="/>
05.Change the Red color URL & give your New blog URL.
04. Now Save your Template.

Now when a visitor come to your old blog.This code automatically reload and come to your new blog.
Enjoy Happy Blogging..
Have a nice day.

If any one face any problems just drop your comment below comment box...

How to Get Free Virtual Credit Card (VCC) -100% Working

We know the important of the Virtual Credit Card (VCC) .virtual Credit Card is needed for the many activities.such as buying domain hosting,creating verified paypal account .There are many ways that share in the various blog or web page but most of them not working.
For that reason Today i share a tips here you can get a free Virtual Credit Card (VCC).

Process of Get Free Virtual Credit Card (VCC):

01.Go to this Site.
02.Here select your country & give your valid mobile Number Such (1722000001)
How to,Get Free,Virtual Credit Card,VCC
03.Now give Captcha Code and click the Call Me Button. Now you get a call & received it. Most of the time first call automatically cut down. Just wait with in 10-15 second you get a another call  received  it and when you listen beep tune now you give your personal 4 digit PIN & remember it.
How to,Get Free,Virtual Credit Card,VCC
04. Now Go to the right side you get My Account option here you select your country & give your mobile number and your PIN Number-Login it.

How to,Get Free,Virtual Credit Card,VCC
05.Give your name and your Email Address -Save it.
06.Finally you get a free Virtual Credit Card (VCC) Just remember the last 3 digit beside VCC & all information.
How to,Get Free,Virtual Credit Card,VCC

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Look at a glance Panda,Penguin and Humming Bird Update

Panda, Penguin and Humming Bird Update

Today I discuss on the Panda, Penguin and Humming Bird Update with the short process but you can easily able understand those update what are change & what was added.
Panda,Penguin, Humming Bird,Update

Panda Update:

First Come: February 2011
Next Come: January 2012 (Updates 3 Times)
Main Purpose: Make Google search quality full & protect spamming.
How it work:
1. Human Quality Raters for
Down ranked sites
2. Solving poor experience
3. Stop Spamdexing
4. Little Content above the Fold

Result: almost 12% change result for that reason it came to big change & it was hot news for the webmasters. Google started Re-Consideration System & feedback system.
Most effect:
This update mostly affects those sites which content are fully spam. Stop black hat process of SEO.

Google Penguin Update:

For developing search result more quality full & standard Google go to Penguin update.
First come: April 24, 2012
Next Come: May 25, October 25, 2012-
(Penguin 1.1, 3.0 etc)

Main Purpose: Indicate the poor quality page and show only quality full pages in search.

How it’s Work:
1. Real anti Spam Anchor Text
2. Poor Duplicate Content
3. Duplicate or Poor pages
4. To Find and Kick out
Doorway Pages
5. To stop Cloaking

Change Almost 3.1 % English language sites in search result beside other language sites.
Most Important:
Not only Duplicate Content who was follows Doorway Pages, Cloaking technique stopped them. For that reason great change in Google search engine and most of Person feel down in danger.

Google Humming Bird Update:
First Come: September 27, 2013
(15th Birthday of Google)
Next time: It is the last update.

Main purpose:
01. Important on Long Sentence
Search & make human friendly.
02. Better Understanding in
Human Concept Searches
03. Complex text searches

For this update there have not significant change in search engine but previous update rules are remain same position because hummingbird is the final part Panda and Penguin update of & here also give demand on page rank for some areas.

Awesome Responsive SEO Friendly Blogger Template

Responsive SEO Friendly Blogger Template

Responsive,SEO Friendly,Blogger Template
Responsive SEO Friendly Blogger Template
Dear friend templates choose is the very hard for us because we cannot get proper template what we want; now a day’s demand of Responsive SEO Friendly Blogger Template is very high.
So I share a blogger template this very nice an awesome, I thinks every one like it because it has a lot of features and fully readymade.

Features of This Blogger Template:
01. Nice menu bar.
02. Beautiful popular widget.
03. Animated bullet.
04. Nice Label design.
05. Include related post widget
06. Nice read more button, sharing widget, Heading 1, 2, 3 & Block quot.
07. Fast loading.
08. Nice Design & SEO Friendly.
09. Responsive & Google Adsense Friendly.
10. Increasing visitor browsing duration.
So I think you have not added or invest time behind this blogger template for editing. This blogger template is perfect for newbie blogger because they want design but have not sufficient knowledge for editing.

Demo                 Download


Angry Birds Awesome Wallpapers Arting by My Friend

I love Angry Birds wallpapers.We know that Angry Birds is the most popular game to all.I like to play angry birds.My friend give me 2 awesome wallpaper.She is the good artiest,She love to art.She art below wallpaper on windows Print tool with out any photo editing tools such as Photoshops.So i share it in my can download this from below:

Angry Birds,Wallpaper
Angry Birds,Wallpaper

Best 5 Google Adsense Alternatives

Best 5,Google Adsense,Alternatives
Google Adsense is the best way to make money from blog or website by publishing ads. Most of the blogger or website owner run after it but it is so hard to approved Google Adsense beside google adsense publisher have to huge knowledge to maintain it. Because google adsense privacy & policy is so much hard for that reason it is very hard to obey all rules and regulations.Today i share best 5 google adsense alternatives.all are giving payment time to time.So you can use those below ads networks without any tension.

Best 5 Google Adsense Alternatives:

01. is the high paying google adsense alternative.Recently they yahoo & bing run this ads networks they provide contextual ads also.Here payment system & know about full review about this ads network read my another post.

02. Buysellads:
Buysellads is running from 2008 they give high payment & most of the blogger or website owner like it.Now it is the current leading ads publisher company.Buysellads is growing day by day & provided awesome services to their customer.

Infolinks is the another ads publisher company they always run their activities for their customer satisfaction and they are giving payment time to time to their publisher.I also use the site for monetize my blog. They payment by Bank wire,Paypal,Pioneer Master Card.

Recommended post:
Killer tips for increasing your earning up to 20% more then previous time in infolinks

04. Bidvertiser:
Bidvertiser is the awesome site for newbie blogger.Here have not any approval trems or rules.They provided ads instant when you create account in it.I also use this site & i earn 219$ from this site .If you want you can see my payment proof.
Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

05.yllix Media:
yllix is also like as bidvertiser because it have not any hard trems & conditions.yllix give payment by payza,paypal,bak wire etc.I get lot of payment from it.You can aslo see my payment proof & review about yllix.Yllix is the best for paypal unsupported countries like as Bangladesh.

So i ensure that above those google adsense alternatives are best for make money & you can freely use of them.
For Get more post about how to make money from Blog or website Just joint our site as a follower.Always get first & current update news in your mail.

Enjoy Happy blogging..Have a nice day.

How to Make Table in Blogger without Coding

Most of the newbie blogger want to create table in blogger but they are failed because they have not sufficient knowledge about HTML coding once time am also suffer such types of problem and search internet about how to create table in blogger. A lot of browsing I found a solution how to solve about this problem.

So today I discuss how to make table in your blog without knowledge of HTML or any coding.
Benefit of Table in Blogger -Table makes your post attractive; you can attract your data serially.

Process of make table in Blogger:

Create Table in Excel of MS Word:
01. First create table with your expected data in MS Excel or word sheet with color & design.
02. When your table done just copy this table.

How to convert table in HTML:
How to Make,Table,Blogger, without,Coding
01. Go to Tableizer and paste your copied table in this site box.
02. If you need,you can also change front, heading color, front size.
03. After the all process you click on the Tableizer.
04. Now copy your Table coding.
How to insert it into the blogger post:
01. Go to the blogger Dashboard.
02. Next click on new post or where you want to show table.
03. Change your Compose mood to HTML mood of your post.
04. Now just paste those coding here & Click on compose and publish it.

Finally wonderful table you can make without know about any coding or HTML.
Enjoy happy blogging. To get such types of blogger tips & tricks join this blog as a follower.

Samsung Galaxy Light Smart Phone Full Review/Specifications

Samsung mobile phone manufacturing company always gives new test of smart phone experience .they already come to a lot of smart phone, Recently Samsung come to introduce a new smart phone named Samsung Galaxy Light. With awesome features high processor, great resolution in display, new features, light sensor, long life battery & many more. This phone is not yet release soon it releases in smart phone market for high competition with other cell phone brand. Samsung Galaxy Light android phone reviews are given below:
Samsung Galaxy Light,Smart Phone,Cell phone,andriod,OS,mobile,picture,image

Samsung Galaxy Light Full Review/Specifications:

Basic Information:
Operating System: Android 4.2.2 (OS)
Processor: Quad core(1400 MHz) with graphic processor
Memory: 1024
Storage: 8GB with Dual card dual standby

Network Mode:
GSM: 850/ 900/1800/1900 MHz
UMTS: 850/1700/2100/1900/2100 MHz
LTE: 700 MHz (Band 13) / 2100 MHz (Band 1)

Network speed: 

4.0 inches Screen,(480 x 800) PX Resolution with TFT Technology

Have high Light sensor, Proximity sensor &Scratch-resistant glass.

microSD / SDHC / SDXC  up to 64 GB

Rear camera: 5 Mega pixels with high Autofocus
Front camera: 0.3 megapixels(vga)
Video Quality: 720p HD (1280x720)

Battery Life: 
Long life battery with 1800 mAh.

Connectivity Issue:
Bluetooth:2.1, EDR
Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/ b/ g/ n with Mobile Hotspot /USB 2.0
Other: NFC/ DLNA / Tethering / Computer sync / OTA sync

Release Date: Yet not release when it release here gives price and date.